Moscow Maslenitsa

The third city festival "Moscow Maslenitsa" will be this year from March 1 to March 10.  Guests will be able to taste several dozen varieties of pancakes.

It is noted that this year there will be especially many culinary schools at the Moscow Maslenitsa - they will open at almost all participating sites. “Each school will have its own name and thematic schedule -“ menu. ”For example, in“ Pancake ”on Revolution Square, children under the guidance of experienced chefs will make healthy pancakes from oatmeal, buckwheat, whole grain flour, bake cheesecakes with farmer's cheese, and will make the dough for pancakes openwork ", - said the organizers.

Also during the festival various entertainment events are planned. For example, at the central and district sites, young guests will be able to check their physical form with the help of the interactive dawn pancake dynamometer, ride the carousel, assemble a large Shrovetide puzzle and take part in various games.

The festival "Moscow Maslenitsa" is part of the cycle of street city events "Moscow Seasons". In 2018, the guests of the Moscow Maslenitsa were 4.75 million people. They purchased about 250 thousand pancakes and visited about 3 thousand entertainment events.