May 9 Victory Day

Few days left until one of the main holidays of spring - Victory Day. Exactly seventy-three years ago, the last battles died down, and the most terrible war in the history of Russia ended. 1418 long days and nights continued battle with the fierce fascist enemy, who came to destroy our land. The victory came at a very high price - almost every Soviet family lost one of the relatives in that terrible war years.

Preparations for the Victory Parade in 2019 started a few months ago, and now it is already at its final stage. There is a presidential decree regarding the plan of celebrations on May 9. According to him, besides Moscow, military parades will take place in 17 more Russian cities.

In 2019, 14 thousand troops of various types of troops will pass across Red Square, and viewers will also see 180 units of ground-based military equipment and 73 units (by the number of post-war years) - aviation. The parade is not only a holiday, but a good opportunity to show the world the power of the Russian army. Very memorable in this respect was the parade of 2019, during which

the public was first shown the latest Russian tank "Armata", as well as "Kurganets". In 2019, such sensations are not expected, but, nevertheless, the curious novelties will be presented at the parade, which will definitely interest the audience.