The Russian table is one of the richest in the world - it was noted by almost all foreigners who visited Russia.Foreigners have always been amazed and admired by the richest assortment of the first Russian dishes. At a high esteem in Russia there were always hearty soup with a lot of the most varied meat (the more types of meat, the richer).The Russian table was always different in meat variety - pork, beef, veal, mutton, and a variety of game were used for food, which at that time had incredible quantities in the open spaces of Russia. Special reverence in Russia enjoyed a variety of pastries.Essential Russian drinks are various kvass and staked honey - they were cooked in huge barrels; Also indispensable drinks of the Russian table were sbittni, jelly, compotes. By the beginning of the reign of Queen Ekaterina in Russia have already learned how to boil beer well, distill vodka, put the liqueurs. Any self-respecting host in the house was a "cherished locker" - with liqueurs, colored vodka, liqueurs, brew. Canteen same wines, as a rule, were found only in rich houses, and therefore did not get accustomed to Russian culinary.

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