Moscow nightlife is colourful and emotional. One of the best nightclubs in the World. 
(We recommend to try "Vodka-Testing".)

Please  settle the bill at the Bar.

Lot №6

Lot №6

Average bill for one person 60$

The mansion located at 58 Bolshaya Nikitskaya Street used to belong to professor I.N. Rozanov, and was a good example of architectural classicism. In the modern era, it's been transformed into a luxurious restaurant which doesn't mess with tradition. The unity of time, space and action are the pillars of classicism. Through the efforts of the team of creators, the restaurant has achieved the winning combination of cozy interior, good atmosphere and quality Russian cuisine. But instead of talking about Siberia's cuisine, you should try it in person. 

Food products which contain preservatives, flavor enhancers, artificial coloring or other chemical additives are never used. Chef Mikhail Simagin is meticulous in ensuring that food products are bought only from reputable suppliers who breed them in a natural way. His guests are treated to wild fish, not those bred in artificial pools where they are fed with growth hormones. The desserts have no scary bright colors, but rather the hues are set only by vegetables and pot liquors. Always remember that ingredients should not only be fresh and tasty, but also natural. 

The restaurant’s interior is designed to produce maximal comfort and coziness for every guest. Club is laid out in major sections, balconies, chimney areas, and an open summer gallery on the roof. Thus, there are comfortable places for a variety of settings and occasions, ranging from a noisy party to a secluded intimate meal. Siberia's color palette sticks with the reserved tone of the entire concept. The combination of beige, grey and brown hues will not distract you from the most important thing, each other.


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