This kind of entertainment was originally considered as a genre of a computer game. But recently quests have become a popular intellectual game in real life. Depending on the type of quest, the participants of the game will have to find key items, hints, perform special tasks, solve riddles and get to the ultimate goal.

A live quest is suitable for true connoisseurs of detective stories. This genre unites all players with one common goal - to fulfill as many primary tasks as possible and find a criminal. Plots are very different: starting from classical detectives and ending with real psychological dramas. According to the rules of the game, each participant receives a role and description of his character. The quest can develop unpredictably, which undoubtedly gives the effect of surprise to such entertainment. Scourge intrigues, communicate with other participants, build intrigues, untangle cunning plans - all this will take place in a room with an interesting design for a cup of fragrant coffee.

Exit the room or Room Escape - one of the most common genres of quest games. Participants are trapped in an enclosed space, the interior of which is thought out to the last detail. Every detail in the room plays a role. The team has to overcome all difficulties in order to find a way out of the room. They will be waiting for numerous difficulties, puzzles and riddles. In this quest the team of players is limited both in space and in time. Exactly 60 minutes is given to get out of confinement.

To participate in the quest, you do not need to have any special skills or good physical preparation. Ability to quickly navigate in unexpected situations, logic, resourcefulness, attentiveness to detail - these are the main assistants!

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