Lot №14


Average bill for one person 10$

GUM canteen is popular among foreigners as dinner here is like a gastronomic journey to the Soviet Union. There is nothing better than a delicious and healthy meal from one of the most famous books of the childhood. They dreamt about good food, but cooked rather bad in Soviet canteens. Stolovaya №57 in GUM makes the fairy tale come true and cooks according to the rules. Here you can find bakes and dried fruit drinks, Russian salad and dressed herring, borscht and pelmeni, pies and pickles. Here they cook with love and skill. You can always find a comfy place in a huge spacious dining hall. Pay attention to the local rule. "Bus your table after meal!" is written on the posters. But there is one disadvantage – long line.  Try to perceive it like a part of the Soviet interior especially that it moves quickly. There is also a snack bar serving classic Soviet sandwiches with sausage and the famous rum ball cakes.

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