Lot №2

Average bill for one person 65$

This restaurant is a real palace. The 18th century, which passed for Europe under the sign of chinoiserie (worship of China), presented the Moscow restaurateur Andrei Dellos with the idea of creating this amazing restaurant with its beauty and scope. The restaurant Turandot has 12 rooms, two main and ten banquet. The menu is rich in Japanese, European, fusion and Chinese dishes. Alan Yao, the only chef who has been awarded two Michelin stars for Asian cuisine, is in charge of the latter. The restaurant has tea sommeliers, who advise guests to choose a drink, taking into account physical well-being, mental state, time of day and compatibility with oriental dishes. In the tea list of the restaurant: "Oolong" with milk flavor, "Mountain peaks in a pink haze", "Silver needles of the Junshan mountains", "Puer" 10-year-old exposure and many others. Musical design to become an institution: instrumental music (harp, violin, cello) sounds here every evening.

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