Lot №9


Average bill for one person 40$

The biggest fish restaurant in Moscow.
There is a caviar and oyster bar. Fresh, the cod liver is oily and tender. Baikal omul of homemade cold smoking. Arkhangelsk toothfish which is known as a Chilean sea bass.

Section "Crabs. Cancers. Shrimp. "- the main trump of menu, there are three and a half dozen positions. And in this respect, Erwin has no competitors in the city. Here are crabs: Kamchatka, snow, frog, blue, prickly, hairy. Here are the crayfish: Sevan in beer, in sprouts, in Louisiana. The choice of shrimp and altogether with unaccustomed use may seem like an impossible task: Argentine from the warm waters of the Atlantic; Chilim from the cold waters of the northern seas; The sweetest crested prawns, which the Japanese call the botan-ebi; Similar to dinosaurs in the prickly spiked shell of shrimp-bear.

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