VDNH skating Rink


The rink at the VDNKh (Rus: ВДНХ, National Exhibition of Economic Achievements) is the largest artificial ice rink of 20,510 square meters in Moscow. It even ranked first in terms of area among all Europe rinks. The second one is the FlevOnice rink located in the Netherlands, which is 1,310 square meters less than the Russian rink.

The largest ice rink of Moscow has a capacity of 4,500 people. Its area is split into separate zones: Big Circle, Infinity, Lovers’ Alley, Children’s Playground and the Hockey Field.

The main highlight of the rink is back lights which illuminate 5,000 square meters of ice, facades of buildings, fences, and a pedestrian bridge.

For convenience of visitors, the area of the rink comprises six equipment rental pavilions and skate sharpening stations, two medical areas, three changing rooms, open-air cafes and restaurants.

15$ for ticket + skates ($ 30 deposit for skates)

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