Night hike on horses


Included in the price:

- detailed instruction and tea-drinking (check-in at 19:00);

- the general riding training and access to the forest-field route;

- 2 horse ridings:

   - training on the parade ground - 45 min., Forest-field evening walk - 1 hour;

   - group morning walk (from 09:00), accompanied by an instructor - 1,5-2 hours;

- for horses late or feared to ride (and also for children under 6 years old), a horse cart is prepared;

- Arrival at the camp;

- tents, sleeping bags and tourist rugs, a prepared campfire place with a canopy, benches and tables;

- Dinner (chicken on grill1§, potatoes, vegetables, tea, biscuits);

- breakfast (milk or curdled milk with bread or biscuits to choose from);

- guarding horses at night with accompanying instructors;

- taking bath at the moon in the Barsky pond (optional);

- (at 08:30) breakfast and fees, participation in a horse saddle, horseback riding (1.5 hours).

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